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Mosquito Misting Systems


The real value in owning a Mosquito Misting System is being able to enjoy an evening cookout or send your kids out to play after dinner without even thinking about mosquitoes or your mosquito misting control system.

Mosquito Control


Mosquitoes and other bugs are a real nuisance and can even be bad for your health. Would you like an easy and affordable solution to banning these pesky critters?  

These systems effectively eliminate mosquitoes, wasps, ticks, horse flies, deer flies, gnats, and other insects.  It also controls diseases carried by parasites and insects.  

Environmentally Friendly


This environmentally friendly system works much like an in ground sprinkler. It emits a fine mist of botanical insecticide through nozzles installed around the perimeter of your yard.   


Mosquito Misting Systems

The Benefits of Misting

  • Environmentally friendly & no residue
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • 98% Kill Ratio
  • Kills over 105 Varieties of Insects
  • Completely Automated
  • Choice of Tankless or Traditional Drum Systems
  • Insects Don't Develop Resistance to the ingrediants

Reliable and Quality Systems


Don’t worry about the harsh Wisconsin weather. These systems are durable. They’re also easy to use. Features include remote control operation, agitation, leak detection, and wind sensing.

We chose Mosquito Misting as our bug control service solution because it’s the industry leader in research, technology, development, and manufacturing of mosquito misting control.


We believe our system is the most reliable and highest quality product on the market.  We’re so confident that we offer a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.